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Leiha is the name we gave to a project sometime ago. Today, I'm releasing the guts of this project hoping people can use it and learn from it. I din't know where to publish it, so I uploaded the source code and a database backup to Google Code, and explaining everything about it in my blog.

First of all, Leiha is based on ASP.NET MVC with a heavily use of jQuery. The project is very interesting because it is a complete non-trivial functional application designed from scratch. The goal of the application is showing a "real time" collaboration tool, where people can sign in and share comments (something like Twitter does). The fancy part comes with real time updates, so whoever post a comment you will see it in your screen in more or less 5 seconds without having to refresh your browser.

To see more information about this project, go to

To download it use this link:

Hope this helps,

Santiago L. Valdarrama

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